Book & Story Status

Series/CategoryPlanningWritingEditing Published Status as of 2/5/2017
Amazi Chronicles Series
#1 Automatons for PeaceYes
#2 Translators for Peace 2018-2019
How I Overcame My Inventor's Block (Free Story)Yes
Corporate Intent Series
#1 Missing Employees?Yes
#2 Missing Owner? Yes
#3 Missing Company? Yes
#4 Missing Syndicate?Yes
Missing Profits? (Free Story) Yes
Olivia Plymouth Series
#1 Brazilian QuestYes
#2 Boston WeddingYes
#3 The Year Fashion ChangedYesOrganizing Olivia Plymouth
#4 Encounter at Tokaido Road Yes
#5 Prequel2018-2019 1-24-2015 Announced
#6 Olivia Plymouth Buys a House (Sequel)2018-2019Yes
Joyous Travel with the Wrong SuitcaseYes
Non-Series Fiction
Dhammapada Tales2018-2019
Killing Thoreau (With Selene Gracham)Yes
Ghosts Vs Robots!Yes
Combustible NetworksYes
In Small Doses (Short Story Collection)Yes
In Small Doses 2 (Short Story Collection)Yes
in Small Doses 3 (Short Story Collection)Yes
Why I Document (Two Free Short Stories)Yes
Musings (Non-Fiction Collection)Yes
Saving Eddie YesSaving Eddie blog
Transitions 1Yes
Transitions 2Yes
Missed LandingYesBlog How I wrote my way out of Trouble with Missed Landing
Blog Differences Blog
Simply Business/IT (2nd Edition)Yes
Command and Control YesBlog The Accidental Book
Shrouded WitnessYesBlog Real Story Behind Shrouded Witness
Spiritual Storms Yes
Her TimeYes
Dhammapada HandbookYes15 Chapters done. Blog Why this is a unique Buddhist book!
Writing and StuffYes