Fashion Rediscovery

This is a continuation of the Olivia Plymouth series with the children of various characters grown up. It has some of the flavor of the original series with a completely new framework.

Cassia, daughter of Olivia Plymouth has always been her own person. She changed her first name at a very early age. Like her mother, she is into fashion. But finds oversized purses and the current fashion industry too stale for her taste.

As a fashion writer and content creator, she seeks to learn long forgotten lessons from ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures. That alone should be enough. But like her mother, she is overambitious. Cassia wants to discover those doing truly innovative fashion, the authentic independents. With her friends and relatives, Cassia forms a group called the Abbey to explore these areas.

She agrees to meet with Jenny Gremlin, whose mother founded FIT (Fashion is Terror) which was destroyed with Olivia’s help. Jenny is on the run from the second incarnation of FIT but offers to join forces with the Abbey.

Will Cassia and her group meet with the teachers and creators of fashion both ancient and modern in time? Or will FIT 2 (F2) and the International Fashion Police Terrorist Taskforce stop their voyage of fashion rediscovery in its tracks?

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