Her Time

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Largely ignored and often not treated kindly by history, Deborah Read Franklin wants very much to tell you her typically neglected life story in Philadelphia during Colonial times. For many years at a stretch, she was often without her husband who was performing work for the soon emerging nation. An honest, funny and warm historical retelling by a very capable founding mother not afraid to speak her mind at any given moment.

Chapter 0: Introduction
Chapter 1: Prologue
Chapter 2: Rough Awakening
Chapter 3: A Channeler’s Unhappy Day
Chapter 4: Deb Franklin Makes her Presence Known
Chapter 5: Early Years & Sea Voyage (1705-1711)
Chapter 6: Deborah Before Ben (1712-1723)
Chapter 7 Ben Before Deborah 1(1706-1723)
Chapter 8 Ben Before Deborah 2 (1706-1723)
Chapter 9: Two Courtships and Marriages (1724-1731)
Chapter 10: Married Life & Children (1731-1743)
Chapter 11: Finding One’s Way in World (1744-1756)
Chapter 12: Ben Away in England (1757-1762)
Chapter 13: Building Mr. Franklin’s House (1763-7)
Chapter 14: Heartbreak,Life Alone & Decline (1763-1774)
Chapter 15: Aftermath (1774-1813)
Chapter 16: Running the Business (1730-1774)
Chapter 17: Questions and Answers
Chapter 18: Notes & References

Book categories: Book Series, Historical Fiction, and Stand-Alone Books