In Small Doses 2 (2nd Edition)

This is a collection of new and not so new short stories appearing in this order:

  • Illuminations of a Lighthouse Keeper — A sociological/spiritual encounter.
  • Never Go Down With an Issue — The personal costs of doing the right thing for one business analyst.
  • A Deer’s Time — An elder deer tells the story of her life.
  • Jane’s Story from (Tales from Croton Woods) — A short tale of aging from unpublished book of inter-related short stories.
  • My Favorite Burnout Story — A gathering of editors over poker to tell their best story on a given topic. All this to win the overflowing pot.
  • The Beginning of the End from (Rise & Fall of the Wasteland Empire) — Introduction to unpublished science fiction book.
  • Sunken Costs — A new space business venture gets started. Inspired by the experiences of the Jamestown Colony
  • The Floating Bed — A Bedtime Story – a little girl can’t sleep and requires a bedtime story. In response, her mother takes her on a magical journey.

Book categories: Short Stories