In Small Doses 3

This largest and most daring collection includes these stories

  • Run Away Sarah — Find out what happens when you check out the wrong library book.
  • Night as Frontier — An experimental piece of night time in a big city.
  • Going Down with the Ship — A tale of technological fads told through receipts.
  • Airport Species — The consequences of short- and long-term exposure to airports
  • For Profit — Life in a company that makes all of its profits off their employees.
  • Missing You — Showing how misinterpretations can have consequences.
  • On Call — Suppose the next call that you pick up may be your last?
  • Demo Curse — Giving a sales demonstration during a disaster.
  • Sev 1 Bride — IT Guys and Gals come with baggage from a dating perspective. Find out why.
  • The Conference — All he had to do was go in the office that day…
  • Ninja Boss — A manager disappears and reappears at will knowing everything about you.
  • Another Bug in the Ear Story — A symbiotic relationship as told during Biology class.
  • Scared Spit — What happens when the success bar is continuously raised.
  • The Vain Woman that became a Vampire — All about a night with the wrong guy and looking into mirrors.
  • The Professor’s Daughter — It is never to late to learn that someone always loved you.
  • The Ministry of Happiness — A king with his ever-changing focus and the impact on his subjects.
  • Brainscream — A brainstorm from a brain’s perspective.
  • Life Encounter — Unanswered questions from one moment in time
  • Priestesses of Humanity — Sociological priestesses oversee a troubled society
  • Passing Conversation — It is the Smiles that we don’t receive that stay with us.

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Book categories: Short Stories