In Small Doses

This is a collection of new and not so new short stories. So far it includes (in order):

  • Taken Seat (A Modern Fairytale) — The life and times of a selfish young girl and a male bully.
  • Layer 20 — Another happy Friday and that means a reappearance of that pesky network problem that just wont get solved.
  • Time Served — A journal written from the shadows about serving an unusual prison sentence. Or is it?
  • But it’s on Sale — “Cheap is expensive” when it comes to food bargains.
  • The Strip — An older story about an unusual spiritual encounter and dealing with anger.
  • Would be Family — An older work about an unsuccessful writer and the impact on his wife.
  • Missed Lessons — A Buddhist-inspired tale about life and its teachers.
  • Beatrice’s Story — A fictionalized tale of events not that long ago.
  • Under Texas Skies — A travelogue wrapped in a Sci-Fi story.
  • The IT Wife — Information Technology deployments and the toll it takes on families.

Book categories: Short Stories