Killing Thoreau

Formerly Known as Project X.

Hallett German’s tenth and most imaginative book about time travel is out. The story begins with the mysterious disappearance of eight students and two professors shortly after their last class of Organic Synthesis and the Transcendentalist Movement. “The Seminar” was no ordinary class and often reached cult-like fervor. To bring them back, three men decide to go back to Walden Pond to end Thoreau’s life. Will they be successful doing so and rewrite history as we know it? Along the way, we learn more about Henry David’s Thoreau’s life against an unfolding battle between dueling genius inventor-scientists. From start to finish, we are taken on “one heck of a ride” using a dash of history, humor, and romance. A reserved seat to this adventure is waiting for you. Also includes three chapters from Selene Gracham.

Book categories: Stand-Alone Books