Shrouded Witness Lachmere, a freelance video journalist learns about a nameless organization with members acting as observers of various societal strata and infrastructures. At great personal risk, they capture observations against the official narrative of the various diverse countries on the planet of Wolyraf. Soon, Peter becomes engulfed in an unexpected role observing the observers of this shadowy organization. He interviews these Witnesses with their features cloaked and voices masked. The conversations range from friendly to outright hostility.

Along the way, the reader experiences a sociological and historiographic framework enveloped in a science fiction tale. this explores the healthy and dysfunctional aspects of multiple societies of this dynamic imaginary planet. As he progresses, Peter’s “investigation” makes him uneasy about his relationship with this group hiding in the fringes of this planet. Will he make it to the end in this truly unique story?

Chapter 0: Introduction
Chapter 1: Prologue
Chapter 2: Reporter
Chapter 3: First Interview: Laila
Chapter 4: Area of Study: The Governing
Chapter 5: Related Stories: The Rise and Fall of the Kingdom of Waverly.
Chapter 6: Second Interview: Willard
Chapter 7: Area of Study: The Governed
Chapter 8: Related Stories: Real Change
Chapter 9: Reflection 1: Prevailing Fictions and Truths
Chapter 10: Third Interview: Elias
Chapter 11: Area of Study: The Management
Chapter 12: Related Stories: Newbie
Chapter 13: Fourth Interview: Taneira
Chapter 14: Area of Study: The Workers
Chapter 15: Related Stories: Rant.
Chapter 16: Related Stories: Empowerment.
Chapter 17: Fifth Interview Jerry Brooklyn 2
Chapter 18: Area of Study: Entertainment and The Media
Chapter 19: Related Stories: Hot News Item
Chapter 20: Sixth Interview — Saiotua
Chapter 21: Area of Study: Infrastructure
Chapter 22: Related Stories: Skyway 301
Chapter 23: Reflection 2: The Great Doubt and Vacation
Chapter 24: Seventh Interview: Unknown Minister
Chapter 25: Area of Study: Religion and Education
Chapter 26: Related Stories: Warrior High
Chapter 27: Related Stories: One Size Fits All
Chapter 28: Eighth Interview: Lucinda
Chapter 29: Area of Study: Leisure & Spectacle Creators
Chapter 30: Related Stories: Vacations Should Not be Mandatory
Chapter 31: Related Stories: Spectacle
Chapter 32: Ninth Interview:faceless
Chapter 33: Area of Study: Compliance & Rebellion
Chapter 34: Related Stories: Sanitized.
Chapter 35: Related Stories: Evicted.
Chapter 36: Tenth Interview – The Dentist
Chapter 37: Area of Study: Society
Chapter 38: Related Stories: The Country of Joy
Chapter 39: Reflection 3: The Future
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