Transitions 1 (Spiritual Short Stories Collection)

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Each day we find ourselves in a state of imbalance in a world of impermanence, These new traditional Buddhist-inspired stories talk about various ways to right ourselves when there is no ground under us.

These include:
1) Gain and Loss. What would we do if we had the secret to personal happiness in our hand and then we lost it?
2) The Device. Our feelings change to a mechanical contraption changes over time.
3) Protest. Can excluding ourselves from and showing our displeasure with the world lead to happiness?
4) Hungry Ghost. A life trapped in mental captivity makes a choice leading to freedom.
5) Transient. While roaming as whim dictates, how do we find meaning to our lives?
6)Offering. A brief Qi Gong prayer from the Olivia Plymouth series.

Book categories: Free Books, Short Stories, and Spiritual Books