Build a Writer’s Journey Roadmap

Whether you a writer that started young or later in life, you need a way to track your progress.

One way of doing this is a Writer’s Journey’s Roadmap. This can be listed in a table of placed in a graphical format.

Items that you want to include are:

* Writing inspirations and influences (Authors, works, personal and news events)

* Lessons learned from each work (What worked well. What were experiments? What were the challenges? What would you do differently now based on hindsight?)

* Techniques used (Style, genres, words, characters, plots, locations, etc.)

* Future challenges (What do you really want to be good at ? What would be a fun work to write?

By doing this, you can see your writing career or ant-career at a glance on one paper.

I would be interested in hearing how doing this worked for you.