Creating Blogs on Two Different Topics in One Day

Sometimes I write two blogs in one day. One is technically inclined and the other one is on writing. If you are doing this as well, here are some strategies and guidelines you can follow.

  1. Do the hardest one first.  For most people that would be the technical blog . This may be due to the research or planning involved in creating the blog. After completion, you should have a sense of accomplishment that will drive you to write the other one.
  2. Do the one that will energize you first. For me, doing a technical blog on best practices and encouraging people to be proactive is invigorating. After completing it, I ride easily on the wave of energy to complete the second non-technical one.
  3. Do two topics that complement each other. This may take some creative effort. But writing two related topics allows you to cover the whole spectrum of a subject and build off each other.
  4. Do the easiest one first.  You can get this out of the way quickly and dedicate all of your focus on writing the harder blog.

If you are doing this as well, let me know what works for you. Happy Blogging!!!