Leaving your Writing Behind: Dilemmas and Outcomes

Your written works are like your children. You witnessed their transition from youth to maturity. You can be very protective of them and do not want them under the care of those that will stunt their growth.

What are your Options?
Sooner or later, a slowly graying author has to deal with the unwelcome task of what happens to them after you pass away.

You could do nothing. Then they will be neglected and possibly thrown out. And soon it will be forgotten what you created.

Another option might be to leave them to your family or friend. Maybe you have dedicated family members like the children of Marx, Tolkien, and others. But the reality is, that is not often the case. Your family is very involved with their own lives. And that is to be expected.

What was my decision?
I left all of my works to a family member. After their passing, the College of William and Mary (my graduate schools) will own all of my works. I am not sure what if anything they will do with them. But at least, they have a home.

I hope that you too think carefully about this important decision and leave your works in good hands.

Estate Planning for Writers
Robert Boyle Legacy Society (William & Mary).

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