Olivia Plymouth: International Traveler & Fashion Consultant

Olivia Plymouth is a young fashion consultant/entrepreneur that does a lot of international travel. Overconfident but a little lost, she manages to take on her assignments with much enthusiasm and good humor. Whether it is her ‘wrong suitcase’, oversized handbag, trying to make quality time for her boyfriend, ability to overschedule her time, and yet accomplish so much against the
odds, you will always be on the go with Olivia!

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Joyous Travel with the Wrong Suitcase
Olivia Plymouth is a young fashion consultant/entrepreneur that does a lot of international travel. Overconfident but a little lost, she manages to take on her assignments with much enthusiasm and good humor. As the story opens, she is making a unique dating video that perhaps gives too much information about her tastes (favorite singer — from Mauritius, favorite drink — cocoa, favorite handbags — large and much more). The reader is taken into a delightful flashback where we see Olivia running her fashion show in the Bahamas and the aftermath. As she recovers from the demands of the runway, she meets a seasoned traveler that shares with her the dynamic philosophies of Joyous Travel and Choosing the ‘Wrong’ Suitcase. She also receives predictions of her future which sets the circumstances of the first book where she solves another family’s mystery and creates an innovative fashion show in Northeast Brazil.


#1 Brazilian Quest
The heroine from Joyous Travel with the Wrong Suitcase, Olivia Plymouth, International Traveler and Fashion Consultant, continues her delightful adventures. This time she travels to Fortaleza, Brazil’s 5th largest city, as a fashion consultant for the largest fashion show in Latin America. Her expert advice helps a small business to rise in the ranks of the fashion industry. On this trip, Olivia is also joined by her sister and their respective boyfriends and together they tackle another exciting adventure, solving a mystery on a remote farmhouse in the mountains. Guided by Olivia’s psychic dreams, they are able to reunite siblings who had been scattered apart since childhood. Mountain climbing, digging out a mystery box, rekindling romance, dune buggy rides, mosquito attacks, energy bar overload, are some of the myriad of experiences lived through in this dramatic episode of the Olivia Plymouth series. Don’t miss out on the fun — this humorous and touching story will make you smile.

#2 Boston Wedding
Olivia Plymouth is officially in Boston for her sister’s wedding. But once again she has a full plate — balancing solving a colonial mystery, preparing for a marathon, giving a speech at a fashion school,and finding quality time with her boyfriend Richard. Will she triumph or be overwhelmed by the challenges? An enthralling humorous story as only Olivia can have.

#3 The Year Fashion Changed
The third and most dramatic offering in the series. Olivia’s life turns upside down as the fashion world returns to basics. She deals with ghosts in an overnight stay in a famous haunted house, mysterious flights, a Malaysian psychic, and life in Paris as she tries to find her way in a topsy-turvy world. This includes the long-waited reunion with the “fashion freedom organization” FIT (Fashion is Terror). Will she be able to keep up with all of the changes and activities?

#4 Encounter at Tokaido Road
The final Olivia Plymouth Book brings the popular series to a long-waited conclusion. The fashion consultant and sleuth leaves her job to go after the “fashion freedom organization” (FIT – Fashion is Terror). Along the way she has made unique adventures against the beauty and wonders of Japan. Will she succeed in her quest, win back her boyfriend, and return to her old lifestyle in Seattle as predicted by a young shaman. Or is destiny taking her down a different road?

#5 Olivia Prequel (Collection of Amusing Short Stories)
In each book, Olivia’s mother starts telling embarrassing childhood stories about Olivia and Rose but never gets to complete them. Book #5, she gets to tell HER perspective of raising an International Traveler and Fashion Consultant and reveals what happened to poor Tommy Nelson.


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