Radio Silence

I’ve been quiet for a couple of weeks and wanted to say what was going on. I’ve been working on three activities simultaneously:

  1. Revising Olivia Plymouth Book #2 Misadventures in Boston. This has included some trimming (such as eliminating unneeded sections like the description of the Boston Subway System) and streamlining. It is will take some time because it is a big book. Previously the cover was released.
  2. Revising Corporate Intent #1: Missing Employees. More background material was added and other changes were made. Previously the cover was released.
  3. Writing Corporate Intent Book #2 Missing Owner. What a rush!!! This is WAY more intense than book #1 and the DCRI gang is threatened and the organization is pushed like never before. Along the way, ideas for Book#3 came forth.

This will take me some time to complete and I’ll let you know on my progress.