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Why not Transition to a Full-Time Writer?


Recently, a colleague asked “Since you are so happy writing, shouldn’t you be doing it full time when you ever retire?”

I answered when that day ever arrives, I would consider it  but would not likely to do so. This seems like a great topic for a blog.

Why full-time writing is a better option:

A full-time writer in theory would have the following advantages:

  • Some feel that this makes their efforts more real and gives them a higher status.
  • They can dedicate more time to their works or produce more works in a shorter time period.
  • They can do a deeper research on a topic.
  • They can take advantage of various social and online resources that part-time writers cannot.
  • It may be more rewarding in other ways for a few of us.

Why part-time writing is a better option:

A part-time writer in theory would have the following advantages:

  • Writing is seen as special and not as a job.
  • A part-time writer can do pretty much a full-time writer can in terms of output, research, and using online resources. It just takes longer.
  • Writing in smaller time periods keeps things fresh.
  • They have more time to do other things.

The advantage and disadvantage of this choice are different for each person depending on economic circumstances, personality, desire to write, self-discipline, and writing topics covered. Also, what may be a clear path to choose one day may look like a bad selection the next.

So reflect on what will work best for you. Because writing is always a journey, an ongoing process, and never a single point in time.