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Why am I in ‘Writer’s Camp’ This Week?

As part-time writers, it is good to change the length of your “writing sessions” every once in a while. For the Dhammapada Handbook, I am writing a chapter in one or two short sessions of a few hours. It makes the work seem fresh and is a good challenge. More on that in a future blog,

But from time to time, I check into “writer’s camp.” that is a three- to five-day period of writing. And I check out recharged. Like I am doing starting today.

Why “writer’s camp?”

Here are some of the reasons I ‘host’ a ‘writer’s camp.’

– No expectations. You produce what you can and feel like. The sole focus is on the journey rather than the outcome.
– More continuous time brings better results. It helps you develop a sense of craft as opposed to a factory approach. By not feeling rushed, you can explore a scene through multiple perspectives and time frames.
– A more relaxed time because there is no lack of hours or anything else. It is a moment of abundance rather than scarcity.
– You have time to try out a completely different technique or topic. It is encouraged to experiment and get sidetracked. Have a writer’s journey with no set destination.
– There is time to write something light or humorous. Or anything else that you have been procrastinating on creating.
– You can use the time to test out some new writing-related software. Or anything else that is a little different than the usual.

Where should I hold “writer’s camp?”
– “Camp” can be held in your usual ‘writing spot’, on a remote park bench, or wherever you feel comfortable and will be undisturbed. You can use a writer’s pad, or some sort of computer with a storage device.
– It can take place during night hours or the daytime depending on your personal preference.
– Never be too far away from the things that inspire us.

Other Suggestions for your ‘Camp’.
– Break as often that you feel is needed. This is not the time time to experience burnout.
– Also, this is not the time to make any judgments on the work. The goal is have a “writing storm” to explore and just write. There is plenty of time to review and edit after ‘camp’.
Have fun with it. Just write and relax. Nothing more.

I hope these series of blogs are of helpful. More are planned. Maybe in a future ‘writer’s camp’ near you.