The Year in Review

This is one of two year-end blogs. The first one is to look at what was done this year. The next one is on what is planned for 2013.

In May, my first work was released on Wikinut “Laboratory of the Ego“. This is an experimental piece about a man that lives with three roommates that we all see everyday — Greed, Hatred, and Delusion.

Later that month, the free prequel in the Amazi Series was released How I Overcame My Inventor’s Block.” It can be downloaded here. This story details the life of an incredible young woman learning the rules of invention in 19th century Austria. It is my most popular work to date.

This was followed in June by the first book in the series, Automatons for Peace. The story shifts to early 20th New York City where three inventors create a series of unique inventions such as the 4 element motor.

That same month, a prequel story in the Olivia Plymouth series was released. It covers the life of an unusual fashion consultant that takes on way too much including managing fashion shows, solving age-old mysteries, and finding time to spend her boyfriend, Joyous Travel with the Wrong Suitcase.

In July, the first book in the series came out. In Brazilian Quest, Olivia tries to solve a 60 year old mystery while consulting in a fashion show. Along the way, we learn about the sights and sounds of Northeastern Brazil.

In October, an entirely different type of series was released — Corporate Intent. This is a futuristic mystery thriller on dysfunctional corporations where anything can happen. Book #1 is Missing Employees?

Between July and year end, the following also took place:

  1. Created Corporate Intent #2: Missing Owner? (A sample chapter is included at the end of book #1)
  2. Edited the lengthy Olivia Plymouth Book #2: Misadventures in Boston.
  3. Creating Corporate Intent #3: Missing Company?
  4. Deciding what to publish in 2013.
  5. Creating Audio versions of sample chapters and stories.

Also created were various websites: This is the main information site that will be updated frequently, Updates will be posted here.
Facebook pages exist for each series:

So not a bad half year, 3 new series launched, 3 books and 3 stories released, and more on the way. I hope you are enjoying reading them and continue to support the series of your choice.

A happy, peaceful year-end to all,
Hallett German