Why I went Silent


It has been almost a year since I have written my last blog. During the last month, I spent writing Her Time which was a fictional look at Ben Franklin’s wife Deborah. This involved historical research, visiting 18th century sites, and deciding how to deal with gaps in her life. Like her husband, for most of her life she was a slave owner, although in the last twenty years of her life, she was enamored by the early stages of the abolitionist movement. Even though she had limited schooling, she successfully ran for many years her husbands’ shops and the entire Colonial postal system in his absence. While raising her children, being a social hostess, and volunteering for public causes. The book uses the skills of a young medium to tell the story about Her Time. I hope that you give it a look.

This took ten months to write so there was little time for blogs.

New Project: Dhammapada Handbook.

This is a creative fictional and nonfictional look at the Dhammapada. Some supplemental content can be found at Dhammapada Handbook

The book will be structured in sections
Each section will include
– Public Domain Translations
– My poetic paraphrasing of the verse
– Commentary on the verse as I was having a 1 or 1 conversation or informal Dhamma talk
– One or more original short stories based on the verse

I hope that this can be of some use in this dynamic world. May all beings have happy minds.


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