Why “Saving Eddie” is Different

After completing the powerful and dynamic Corporate Intent Series, I needed a follow-up before diving into the final two Olivia Plymouth books. The answer came while watching a video on Edgar Allan Poe’s life. I would write an alternate paranormal retelling of this original writer. How to do it took longer to figure out. Telling it from the viewpoint of his ghostly brother and a female admirer that watches Poe mostly from afar would be the viewpoints used.

Saving Eddie is different and more challenging than anything else that I have done:

Using Arthur Rimbaud’s idea of a season corresponds to one chapter. So this meant longer chapters that had to be self-contained stories. Having a “partially omniscient” narrator being Henry Poe also solved many issues. There are gaps in Poe’s life that allowed for original scenes. Using the paranormal also nicely explains some of the whys in Poe’s life.

I am having a lot of fun writing this. You can read the initial chapters at GoodReads