Dhammapada Chapter 16: The Path of Customer Service


This was not originally planned. But after talking with my manager, I promised to do this. Your job life is just as much a place as any to practice the teachings of the Dhammapada. But a career in customer service is even more so.


A customer service position offers many opportunities to practice the teachings of the Buddha. You can follow one of these paths:

– Just getting by. Tuning out or tolerating the ‘bad’.

– Overwhelmed or drowning due to workload, emotional customers, reactivity, etc.

– See customer support as important a place to practice as a meditation mat. Because it is dealing with the stuff that arises in our work day that is a clear path to mental freedom.

Which path will you choose?


As you go through the work day dealing with customers, thinking occasionally the following will keep you on the right path,

– “Know who you serve.” Come from a place of service, compassion, and joy. Do not think ‘it is another darn customer that I have to help.’” It will lead to disappointment for both of you.

– “You are just like me. The same mental and emotional formations. The same desire for products to work and not offer any unexpected surprises. The same wish to be appreciated and treated with respect. “

– “I will not rush things along just to resolve an issue. Having unrealistic expectations and forcing an outcome may lead to dissatisfaction for all.”

– Watch how you manage reactiveness and your time. Make small but important adjustments throughout the work week. If conflicting priorities come in, are you reactive or reflective?

– Work hard to make a real difference to Your Customer. Your Product. Your Customer Support Team And Yourself. Else nothing will ever change.

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