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Hello everyone. Thanks for reading the Olivia Plymouth and Amazi Chronicles series! For those with time on their hands, please try out the quiz for both books:

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Next Out The Door!

If all goes as expected, two books should be out the door by year end
Olivia Plymouth Book #2: Misadventures in Boston:
Olivia Plymouth, the charming young fashion consultant that overtakes too much in a humorous way may have met her match in this book. Running in the Boston Marathon,helping her sister’s wedding, doing a speaking engagement, and trying to keep her boyfriend happy. Is there even time for a 300 year old mystery? The answer to this question is a delightful and delicious adventure that will be online soon.

Corporate Intent Series: Book #1 Missing Employees?
A fantasy-mystery about a dystopian world where companies have eroded personal rights. Against this backdrop, a small but able research unit attempts to unmask well hidden corporate secrets — at their own peril.
The book tries to unlock the inner workings of Impenetrable Consulting and its owners — the battling Arcane brothers. Will it be successful? You’ll have to read to find the answer!