Writing and Dealing With Personal Loss


Many of us live happily and unaware in a self-created dream. We think that our lives will always go on the same and the people that we love and interact with daily will stay with us forever. But sometimes it is not meant to be. And the support system that we relied on is gone forever. Afterwards, we face a gnawing sense of loss and loneliness that was never anticipated. As one person said to me, this becomes the “new normal.” And life may never be the same again. There is no “moving on.”

What to Do About It

Personal loss is hard on everyone. But for the writers, it can be especially difficult. It could mean a writing paralysis. One may not have the inclination or words to write. The muse may have seen to have abandoned them. Emotions may be so heavily flowing that one cannot do nothing more than shed tears or pound the wall. Thoughts and feelings are kept tightly within.

But that is the time most needed to get out the pen or digital keyboard. Starting writing with no aim or time limit in mind. It doesn’t matter what it is:

– Memories of the person.
– Emotions you are feeling.
– Regrets that you may have.
– Something that you already had planned. (Which in my case is Olivia Plymouth Buys a House.)
– Anything!

Just get your words out!!!

Next Steps

Where one goes from there is not always our choice. But we should not stop writing the words that have given ourselves and others great comfort and entertainment. For in time if we keep at it, this will help us enjoy our lives again.
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